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About Us

A Leader in Orthobiologic Regenerative Products

Osteobiologic Solutions is a medical device development company that focuses on regenerative orthobiologic products that help the healing process of orthopedic injuries.  As a provider of orthobiologic products, we take pride in offering the best solutions in the industry.  We are dedicated to provide products that stimulate natural bone formation, help heal sports related injuries and ultimately improve the outcomes of your patients.

Executive Team

Osteobiologic Solutions has a team of experts that have over 35 years experience in the orthobiologic regenerative market which includes: foot and ankle, general orthopedics, spine, sports medicine and trauma. The leadership team has worked with leading Key Opinion Leaders to bring products to market.


Osteobiologic Solutions works only with AATB accredited and FDA registered tissue processors.  All of which comply with the FDA's Good Tissue Practices.